Un peu de zic!

Non, vous n’avez rien à craindre, continuez comme ça… Ce qui s’est passé ensuite ne lui a évidemment pas donné raison… Merci la NSA, merci Obama.

When even the NSA thinks you’re spying too hard, it’s time to resign.
Director Comey, you’re off the rails and your extreme behavior is putting lives in danger.
You’re out of control. It’s time to resign.

Bien, un peu de zic, ça fait pas de mal…

Amy Winehouse. Amy revient!

The greenback boggie (Ima Robot): J’aime ça!

Les paroles…

See the money wanna stay, for your meal
Get another piece of pie, for your wife
Everybody wanna know, how it feel
Everybody wanna see, what it’s like
Baby wanna be a queen, well alright
We all deserve the finer things, in this life … …

So working on a little job, in the night
It’s forty dollars an hour when I, see the light
The boss say you got a little time, and oh my
He’ll be working in a small box, till he die
Me, I gotta be free, all my life
I want a little cream cheese, in my pie

Yeah! I’ll step back, while you go dance
The greenback boogie Mother f*ing boogie

Now I’m putting on a big wig, walking hard
Hanging with them big pigs, all them dogs
Got me a couple ideas, straight from God
I want a bean pie Order me a bean pie
I’ll even eat a bean pie, I don’t mind
Me and Missy is so very busy busy making money

All step back, I’m ’bout to dance
The greenback boogie The greenback boogie Boogie now for me … … …

Say, it’s far better, when you give it away
It’s called the greenback boogie
What people don’t say, I say
It’s better, when you give it away
It’s called the greenback boogie
Don’t give it away now, I say
It’s better, when you give it away
It’s called the greenback boogie
Don’t give it away now, I say

See the money wanna stay, for your meal
I’ll say it’s gonna put some love, in your life
Don’t you really wanna know, how it feel?
Everybody wanna see, what it’s like
Babe you wanna be inside, it ain’t lies
We all know there’s better things in this life

Yes I’ll step out, on your expense
Doin’ the greenback boogie Mother f*ing boogie Boogie oogie oogie Greenback Boogie

Come on back to paradise
Come on back to paradise
Come on back to paradise
Come on back to… Come on back to…
Come on back to paradise
Come on back to paradise
Come on back to paradise
Come on back to… Come on back to…

It’s the greenback boogie
It’s the greenback boogie
Don’t give it away now
Don’t give it away now, I say
It’s better, when you greenback boogie
Well don’t give it away
Well don’t give it away, I say
It’s better… It’s the greenback boogie
Don’t give it away…


Hello, my name is Hisham Fageeh. I’m an artist and social activist. I don’t really listen to music, but while studying in the US I heard this song by this Jamaican guy that caught my attention. I decided to do my own rendition; with lyrics relevant to my culture, but without musical instruments. I hope you like it.

Fahad Albutairi, Hisham Fageeh & Alaa Wardi I love you!

2013: Eric Filiol (cryptanalyste, ancien de la DGSE) PRISM, ECHELON, Vie privée, Snowden…
Non, vous n’avez rien à craindre, continuez comme ça… Ce qui s’est passé ensuite ne lui a évidemment pas donné raison… Merci la NSA, merci Obama.

Juste happy like ’cause I feel like room without a roof…

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Découverte bien sympa aujourd’hui: Mailpile.
100% Free & Open Source Software (j’en parlerais même pas sinon…), support gpg en dur pour crypter vos messages, rapide, et très simple à installer.
Vivement que ce ne soit plus en Beta… Mailpile est vraiment différent de tout ce que vous connaissiez, et c’est agréable.

Mailpile 1200x651

gnupgp (preferably on the 1.x branch for now, as Mailpile doesn’t currently act as a GPG Agent)
Python 2.7+

Choppez le code avec git:

laurent@ns1:~$ git clone https://github.com/mailpile/Mailpile.git

Cloning into ‘Mailpile’…
remote: Counting objects: 30553, done.
remote: Total 30553 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 30553
Receiving objects: 100% (30553/30553), 16.69 MiB | 4.00 MiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (20114/20114), done.Installez deux/trois trucs en plus si nécessaire:

root@ns1:~# apt-get install python-pip
root@ns1:~# apt-get install python-dev
root@ns1:~# pip install -r /home/laurent/Mailpile/requirements.txt
Successfully installed lxml Jinja2 spambayes markupsafe pyDNS pgpdump lockfile

laurent@tor:~$ cd Mailpile/

Maintenant je vais gentiment demander à Mailpile d’écouter sur toutes les interfaces réseaux (le soft est sur un serveur, j’ai besoin d’y accéder à distance).
Si vous l’installez sur votre desktop / laptop lancez simplement ./mp il sera alors accessible dans votre navigateur (qui devrait s’ouvrir tout seul au lancement de Mailpile) au lien suivant:

laurent@ns1:~/Mailpile$ ./mp –set sys.http_host=
Failed to configure i18n. Using fallback.
Elapsed: 0.015s (set: Updated your settings)
« sys.http_host »: « »

Au lancement suivant, inutile de repréciser l’interface, c’est enregistré automatiquement dans la conf.

laurent@ns1:~/Mailpile$ ./mp
Failed to configure i18n. Using fallback.
Metadata index not found: /home/laurent/.local/share/Mailpile/default/mailpile.idx
Elapsed: 0.001s (load: Loaded metadata index)
Mailpile.py a tool Copyright 2013-2014, Mailpile ehf
for searching and <https://www.mailpile.is/>
organizing piles of e-mail

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of either the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the
Free Software Foundation or the Apache License 2.0 as published by the Apache
Software Foundation. See the file COPYING.md for details.

The Web interface address is:

* Type `help` for instructions or `quit` to quit.
* Long running operations can be aborted by pressing: <CTRL-C>


La console: :-)

mailpile> help
Elapsed: 0.003s (tags: Listed 0 tags)

setup [do_gpg_stuff] Enter setup flow
load Load or reload the metadata index
q|quit Exit Mailpile, normal shutdown
rescan [full|vcards|vcards:<src>|both|mailboxes|sources|<msgs>]
Add new messages to index
optimize [harder] Optimize the keyword search index
gpg <GPG arguments …> Interact with GPG directly
browse_o Launch browser and exit, if already running
cat </path/to/file> [>/path/to/output] Dump the contents of a file, decrypting if necessary
cd <…/new/path/…> Change working directory
login Authenticate a user (log in)
logout [<session ID>] De-authenticate a user (log out)
ls <…/new/path/…> Display working directory listing
pidfile </path/to/pidfile> Write the PID to a file
pipe [e@mail.com|command|>filename] — [<cmd> [args … ]]
Pipe a command to a shell command, file or e-mail
ps Display list of running threads, locks and outstanding events.
www [<host:port>] Just run the web server
vcards [–lines] [<terms>] Find vcards
cached [<cache-id>] Fetch results from the command cache.
output [json|text|html|<template>.html|…] Choose format for command results.
crypto_p [<emailaddresses>] Retrieve the current crypto policy for a user
eventlog [incomplete] [wait] [<count>] [<field>=<val> <f>!=<v> <f>=~<re> …]
Display events from the event log
hashcash <bits> <challenge> Try to collide a hash using the SMTorP algorithm
u|undo [<Event ID>] Undo either the last action or one specified by Event ID

<section.variable> <value> Add a new value to a list (or ordered dict) setting
<section.variable> <value> Change a setting
U|unset <var> Reset one or more settings to their defaults
P|print [-short|-secrets|-flat] <var> Print one or more settings
<path/to/mailbox> Add one or more mailboxes
h|help [<command-group>] Print help on Mailpile or individual commands.
plugins [
<plugins>] List the currently available plugins.

s|search [@<start>] <terms> Search your mail!
unthread Remove a message from a thread.
n|next Display next page of results
p|previous Display previous page of results
o|order <how> Sort by: date, from, subject, random or index
v|view [raw] <message> View one or more messages
e|extract <msgs> <att> [><fn>] Extract attachment(s) to file(s)

tag <[+|-]tags> <msgs> Add or remove tags on a set of messages
tags [<wanted>|!<wanted>] […] List tags
filter [new|read] [notag] [=<mid>] [<terms>] [+<tag>] [-<tag>] [<comment>]
Add auto-tag rule for current search or terms
contacts [–lines] [<terms>]
profiles [–lines] [<terms>]
groups [–lines] [<terms>] Find groups
autotag <msgs>

C|compose [ephemeral] Create a new blank e-mail for editing
E|edit [<messages>] Edit an existing draft
m|mail Update message from an HTTP upload and move to outbox.
update <messages> <<filename> Update message from a file or HTTP upload.
a|attach <messages> [
<path/to/file>] Attach a file to a message
unattach <mid> <atts> Remove an attachment from a message
r|reply [all|ephemeral] <messages> Create reply(-all) drafts to one or more messages
f|forward [att|ephemeral] <messages> Create forwarding drafts of one or more messages
bounce <messages> [<emails>] Mail/bounce a message (to someone)
sendmail Try to empty the outbox.

export [-flat] [-notags] <msgs> [<fmt>:
<path>] Export messages to an external mailbox

Tags: (use a tag as a command to display tagged messages)


Je vous laisse faire la suite, vous êtes de grands garçons (et filles):
Ajouter un Profile/Source et accès smtp pour envoyer vos messages.
Et lisez vos mails…

Mailpile 02

Un p’tit truc si vous commencez avec une boite mail déjà bien pleine…

Marquer tout comme lu:

mailpile> search in:new
Elapsed: 0.131s (search: Found 91271 results in 0.127s)

7 WordPress *Nouveau site WordPress (Inbox)7 hours

10 root *Postfix: Rapport quotidien (Inbox)8 hours
11 lol ****UNCHECKED*** mailpile (Inbox[E]10 hours
12 Karmaweb *Request for confirmation (Inbox)22 hours

20 Karmaweb *WHMCS Automatic Setup Successful (Inbox)2 days

mailpile> tag -new all
Elapsed: 1.006s (tag: Tagged 91271 messages)

Untagged New (91271 messages)


Et pour finir le script de démarrage qui va bien:

(ne pas oublier le chmod +x et update-rc.d mailpile default qui vont bien)

# Provides: mailpile
# Required-Start: $local_fs $remote_fs $network $syslog
# Required-Stop: $local_fs $remote_fs $network $syslog
# Default-Start: 2 3 4 5
# Default-Stop: 0 1 6
# Short-Description: Start/stop mailpile daemon
# ——————————————————————————
# /etc/init.d/mailpile
# This script is an init script to run mailpile in the background, using a
# screen. The script was designed and tested for Debian systems, but may work on
# other systems. On Debian, enable it by moving the script to
# « /etc/init.d/mailpile » and issuing the command
# « update-rc.d mailpile defaults 99″
# ——————————————————————————
## Username to run mailpile under
USER= »mailpile »
## Absolute path to the mailpile binary.
MAILPILE= »/home/mailpile/Mailpile/mp »
## Absolute path to the screen binary.
SCREEN= »/usr/bin/screen »
## Name of the screen session, you can then « screen -r mailpile » to get it back
## to the forground and work with it on your shell.
SCREEN_NAME= »mailpile »
## Absolute path to mailpile’s PID file.
PIDFILE= »/var/run/mailpile.pid »
case « $1 » in
## Start mailpile in the background.
echo « Starting mailpile. »
start-stop-daemon –start –background –oknodo \
–pidfile « $PIDFILE » –make-pidfile \
–chuid $USER \
if [[ $? -ne 0 ]]; then
echo « Error: mailpile failed to start. »
exit 1
echo « mailpile started successfully. »
## Stop mailpile.
echo « Stopping mailpile. »
start-stop-daemon –stop –oknodo –pidfile « $PIDFILE »
if [[ $? -ne 0 ]]; then
echo « Error: failed to stop mailpile process. »
exit 1
echo « mailpile stopped successfully. »
## Restart mailpile.
« $0 » stop
sleep 1
« $0 » start || exit 1
## Print usage information if the user gives an invalid option.
echo « Usage: $0 [start|stop|restart] »
exit 1


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